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"I will bet you a cigar!"

I have had several inquiries about my last post regarding betting cigars with the CFO of the hospital. I indicated, that I lost many cigars to him over our years together, but qualified the statement, leaving some doubt in minds of the readers, as to the circumstances of my losses. As Paul Harvey always said, "Now here is the rest of the the story."

Monte loves cigars and he often frequented a cigar shop in Huntington, WV called "Lafontaine's". ( You might say he was a regular. Monte also loves sharing his love for cigars with his friends and acquaintances. He had the owner of Lafontaine's keep a supply of his favorite cigar in the store's humidor with instructions to the store owner to give his friends one of the cigars when they frequent the store.

Each time I lost a bet, I would clip a cigar to his office door the next morning. This went on for years. Then one day, I recall Monte finally asking me, "How do you always buy the cigars that I enjoy the most?" I looked back at him and smiled and said, "Monte, their is a reason why I never shy away from betting a cigar with you. He asked, "Why is that?"

I then explained to him, that two years ago during the holidays, I was in Lafontaine's shopping for Christmas gifts and I asked the owner of the store, "What cigar does Monte Ward enjoy the most?" The store owners eye's lit up and he explained to me that he keeps a supply of his favorite cigars in the store's Humidor and said, "Since you are a friend of Monte's you are welcome to have one, as he has instructed me to give these cigars to his friends".

I then explained to Monte, "The reason I always pay my bets with your favorite cigar is each time I lose a bet to you, I go to Lafontaine's and and retrieve a cigar from your supply you have set aside for your friends. Why do you think, I am always quick to accept the bet?"

Now that's the rest of the story!

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