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Mission Driven!

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

As we mature professionally, we cross over different points in time where our stance changes. One of the most exciting transformation occurs when you begin working for a mission rather than a person. This transformation begins a cascading change in perspective that has the potential to unlock a powerful force that is within each of us. We begin to re-define our purpose and receive our validation form mission aligned accomplishments. My personal experience of such a transformation is as follows:

  • We place principals over personalities and learn to except people for who they are.

  • This reduces the impact of personality conflicts during project execution and aligns incentives to a common purpose.

  • We turn knowledge into wisdom by combining our past experiences and expertise towards solution driven thought.

  • The how turns into how to. We no longer ask how, but rather create a path to providing a clear direction that results in achievement.

  • We begin with the end in mind by making each movement more efficient and focused.

  • We desire to replicate ourselves and gain value through mentoring and teaching others.

  • We become indispensable by attempting to be dispensable.

We think big, dream big, and believe it’s not a matter of if, but when. We settle in and move forward towards accomplishing the mission.

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