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Elijah Wellman attended West Virginia University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree. Elijah was a 4-year letterman on the WVU football team where his hard work and determination set him aside from others and allowed him to be honored as a senior captain of the WVU football team, a 2x Iron Mountaineer as well as becoming the only John Henry Award winner in the programs history. Once graduating and leaving his mark on WVU, Elijah was a member of the Washington football team from 2017-2019 and the Green Bay Packers in 2020. Elijah’s success thus far can be credited to his determination to succeed as well as his goal oriented mindset. Elijah plans to continue to exemplify these strong characteristics in his professional career along with his natural ability to lead and encourage those around him.


Elijah co-founded AegisInsure in August of 2020 to set a standard of consistency and a competitive edge throughout the workplace. He aims to incorporate a blue-collar mindset in a white-collar profession to ensure the standard throughout the company is optimal.

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