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Pharmacy Management & 340 Optimization

Vertical Healthcare has developed a 340b decision support system and and tools that allow covered entities to enhance their capture rate and improve gross profit margin.

Clinically Integrated Community Health Plans 

Our experts can guide healthcare networks in creating community based health plans through direct relationships with partially self-insured health plans and VerticalHealthcare's administrative services.

Financial Healthcare Informatics & Decision Support

Our healthcare analytics division can assist your teams in creating a common data source that can be used to drive organizational efficiency and find additional margin through the use of non-clinical financial information.

Employer & Provider Partnerships

Through our investment in AegisInsure, Vertical Healthcare seeks to bridge the business of healthcare with employers and providers.  For more information click on the following link:

Vertical Integration Strategies that Provide a Longitudinal View of Patient care

Creation of joint ventures and clinical affiliations with ancillary providers provides the ability to share data allowing all providers in the vertical to improve patient care and compete in a value-based financing system.

Value Based Contracting with Clinically Integrated Networks

Creating a fair, value based contract with payers should clearly define anchor costs and post acute services for inclusion.  Cost per episode should be benchmarked on health plans current spend, risk adjustment and appropriate trends.



Vertical Healthcare was created to assist hospitals and health systems to identify and implement vertical integration strategies that enable superior care management through improved visibility of a patient's longitudinal health record. Through joint ventures, clinical affiliations and other clinical integration strategies a collaboration of all healthcare providers can form broader care teams to better serve mutual patients.

We believe this collaboration with local employers can better align incentives between employer health plans and the local provider community.


Meet The Team


Gene Preston

President & Founder of Vertical Healthcare

Provider Solutions


Tyler Brown

Co-Founder Founder of AegisInsure

Employer Solutions

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Elijah Wellman

Co-Founder Founder of AegisInsure

Employer Solutions



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